Client Success

Our client trust us for a reliable and quality supply of briquettes and pellets, through our manufacturing facilities or our trusted supplier network. We work over 50+ clients with a long relationship and sourcing the biofuels to multiple manufacturing locations across India. The list below is our sample client list.

Client Stories

Biofuels Junction also consults our clients related to the demand-supply situations related to the continuous supply of biofuels throughout the year; we also advise clients in terms of the quality of the biofuels, alternatives strategies to ensure that their demands are met

Mission Critical Steam Outsourcing for Multinational Chemical Manufacturer

Challenge: Client converted its 15TPH furnace oil boiler to briquettes with unconventional external furnace; this effort was towards their commitment to sustainability. Multiple challenges – steam ratio uncertainty since there was no precedence, miniscule inventory space of 1 day, Material suitability unproven and lastly no experience of handling/ scheduling such volume at one single location.

Solution: Biofuels junction successfully executed with profitable SFR (steam to fuel ratio) of 4.09 which is better than anticipated service level agreements. We developed the supply chain network in proximity to the plant thus saving on transportation and storage cost. The boiler operation was optimized to the right fuel type and output producing the desired steam supply.


  • Successful execution of the contract with better ROI for all parties involved.
  • Created the model for steam-based outcome for client to follow across all other locations.

Reliable and Quality supply of Briquettes at 6 Locations for Multinational Consumer Goods Company

Challenge: Client as a part of commitment towards the environment decided to change furnace oil/coal fired boilers to briquettes/pellets. They needed the trusted partner that can provide the briquette supply uninterrupted with a quality and reliability. Client has 30 plants across India, and they are going make this transition over a next few year.

Solution: In 2016, Client at the Sinnar plant sourced 50 ton/month as a trial order; we expanded this supply to 300 ton/month soon; additionally, based on the reliability and quality of our sourcing, Client has trusted us to sole source the material at 6 locations totaling about 1000 ton/month. Additionally, we consult them on supply chain and pricing optimization across various locations.


  • Client has uninterrupted supply of the briquettes with the right quality and reliability
  • The supplier network and ecosystem developed by Biofuels Junction helped them towards their environment commitment