Supply Chain Consulting

Biofuels Junction undertake consulting for corporate to study their supply chain for biomass fuels. The criticality of uninterrupted supply of briquette is well known and is considered crucial by most utility managers. Any shortage or compromise in quality parameters can lead to output parameters such as steam pressure or temperature in case of thermopack or hot air generator.

BJPL studies what is widely available biomass material in the briquette manufacturing ecosystem in the freight viable surrounding of the boiler. The objective is to suggest what is available and whether its briquetted and if any changes need to be made to the boiler furnace or its feeding mechanism.

For any large sized boiler (5 TPH and above) supply of biofuels (briquettes or pellets) is a function of what is available in abundance in the vicinity. Since most biofuels are made from agriculture residue the availability is a function of season and crop pattern. This is exactly, what needs to be studied and worked upon under supply chain consulting.

We at BJPL strongly believe that the biofuel type to be used should be based availability in that area. Many companies despite being well places for biomass availability face shortage or critical times purely because of the mismatch of demand from the utility team or boiler manufacturer versus availability. This is a win-win for BJPL and the company!